Resonance Shift

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Resonance Shift gameplay screenshot

A narrative-driven space shooter

You are a junior pilot of starlab Aporema — one of three ships on a scienfitic expedition to Neso — the 13th moon of Neptune.

The mission is to gather and analyze a new asteroid type, found only in the belt area adjacent to Neptune.

However, things won't go as planned.

Resonance Shift GUI upgrades Resonance Shift GUI ship loadout

Upgrade, modify, combine!

Turn your slow scavenger vessel into a nimble attack craft, capable of swiftly moving through asteroid fields unscathed.

Attach and combine different weapon modules to make your missions run smoother.

Resonance Shift NPC avatar rooster

Unravel a dangerous mystery

Strangeness awaits deep in the Solar system. A dream? A reconceptualization of reality? Or perhaps insanity brought on by venturing too far from the Sun?

Dig through it while learning more about your crewmates.