Solomeow's Magic Blast

Solomeow's arcane library, full of magic books and candles
Solomeow the arcane familiar

Welcome to the library

Meet Solomeow, your arcane familiar and mentor.
Together you will explore the ins and outs of elemental magic, cast powerful spells, and breathe life into a dusty, old, arcane library.
Do you have what it takes to master all the secrets of the elements?

Thunderbolt spell demonstration Manabomb spell demonstration Elemental arcana ability demonstration

Levels filled with Magic

Match pebbles to create stars or transfigure them into elemental energy.
Create and gather star clusters to cast any of the 34 powerful spells.
Use spells and elemental energies to blast, manipulate and solve tricky challenges in order to beat levels.

Buying upgrades, game screen Home screen, Solomeow's library Spellbook spell selection, game screen

A library filled with mischief

Hang out and interact with Solomeow to progress the story. But look out for troubles and mischief!
Blast through levels to earn valuable coin. The faster you beat 'em, the larger the reward!
Use coin to research fun new spells & abilities! Increase your spellcasting power and develop a unique playstyle.

Solomeow's Magic Blast features:

  • 999 mischievous match-2 levels filled with challenges!
  • Unique abilities, powerups and spells to mix; allowing for many different ways to solve puzzles.
  • Boss levels that will challenge your magic ability and puzzle solving skill.
  • Fun story, filled with unexpected twists and turns.
  • Slick UI and a smooth, exciting play experience.
  • Non-exploitative premium content.
  • A satisfying finale.

Coming soon(ish)

Solomeow's Magic Blast is being developed in Unity, for Android and iOS devices.
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